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What is the Turks and Caicos Fish Fry?

Whether this is your first time or you’ve been to the Turks and Caicos before, you already know what the islands are best known for—the beaches. There’s no debating our powdery white sand and clear blue ocean are what make our islands a world-class destination. But you haven’t fully experienced the Turks and Caicos until you’ve immersed yourself in the culture—until you’ve met the people, tasted the food, danced to the music and experienced Junkanoo. And that’s why, if you’re here on a Thursday at 5:30 pm, you need to head to Bight Park for the weekly Fish Fry.

The Fish Fry is a signature Turks and Caicos event that brings together locals and tourists to experience true island culture. Local artists and businesses set up shop to sell their goods, while at least 20 different restaurants are on hand selling their tastiest local fare—fresh fish, conch, peas and rice, and more. And to quench your thirst, there’s plenty of rum punch and Turk’s Head beer, our local brand brewed right here in Providenciales. And you can’t leave the park without stopping by the Coco Vibes stand, where you can get a fresh coconut with rum (or without—your choice!)

As you soak in the atmosphere, do some souvenir shopping and get a taste of island cuisine, you can enjoy live music and entertainment from the main stage, or wander down the boardwalk to the beach. The night culminates in Junkanoo—a traditional parade with music, dance and costumes that weaves its way through the park, encouraging bystanders to jump in and dance. Usually you have to wait until Boxing Day (the day after Christmas) to experience Junkanoo, but Fish Fry makes it possible every week.

Take note that parking is limited, so it’s best you arrive early. Admission is free, but cash is necessary for any purchases.

Ready for an authentic, unforgettable Turks and Caicos experience? We’ll see you Thursday at the Fish Fry! Come with an empty stomach and your dancing shoes.


Whale Watching in Turks and Caicos

As each year comes to a close in the Turks and Caicos, a special gift is left in its wake—and it’s kind of a big deal, weighing up to 80,000 pounds

We’re talking about humpback whales, which migrate from the northern Atlantic Ocean to the warmer waters of the Silver Bank near the Dominican Republic to breed and give birth between December and April. The whales travel in pods, so where there’s one, there are at least a few more. And nothing will make you feel quite as small as seeing a pod of humpback whales on their journey to warmth—or better yet, seeing a humpback whale breach (or “jump” out of the water).

If you’re in the Turks and Caicos during whale season, the best places to get a glimpse of these giant marine mammals are the islands of Grand Turk and Salt Cay because of their close proximity to the Columbus Passage. Whale sightings are not uncommon off the Caicos Islands (which includes Providenciales), but you’re more likely to see them closer to the passage. Local airline interCaribbean offers multiple daily flights from Providenciales to Grand Turk, from which Salt Cay is just a short ferry ride away.

If you’re fortunate enough to see the whales underwater, you’ll be likely hear them, too. The sounds of the humpback whales create a song that can be heard from miles away underwater. Snorkeling and scuba diving encounters are reported every year, but if you’d rather stay dry, there are plenty of boating excursions that will give you the chance to see the whales up close.

Try any of these boat operators for a chance to see humpback whales in the Turks and Caicos:

Grand Turk

Oasis Divers


Crystal Seas Adventures


Salt Cay

Salt Cay Divers



Although you’re more likely to see whales from Salt Cay or Grand Turk, sightings do happen on Providenciales, as well as North, Middle and South Caicos.

Dive Provo


Big Blue Unlimited


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